Amara Bali Family Tour was established in 2016 with the aim of creating a tour that offers a unique and rewarding experience for Balinese visitors. By taking them away from the hustle and bustle of tourism and showing them the Bali they want to see – “Real Bali”, not just the beautiful scenery, but giving them the experience of living in Bali and feeling this amazing “wonder” and “Passion” Our mission: to preserve the nature and traditions of the island of Bali!

Greetings from Bali! Hi all, my name is IKADEK SUDANA PUTRA and My brother Inyoman Suyadnya. We are come from the village of Bresela, 15 minutes from Ubud center.

My experience has been working in tourism since 2013 as a tour guide. I am very happy to be able to share experiences about Balinese culture, traditions and nature.

Now I am setting up a travel business engaged in tour activities in Bali. The name of the company is :

Here I have several staff names: OKA, KOMO, DONI, EKA, DEVA, SUCCIPTA, RYAN. My goal in establishing this company is to change the economy of the people in my village.

i am so proud to offer a wide range of tours,activities to discerning Bali visitors. Sharing our island home is our passion, and i hope your stay in Bali is enjoyable and memorable.

We are professional, reliable, friendly, smiling and humble people. We serve our customers wholeheartedly and make our customers comfortable and have a memorable experience. Because YOUR SMILE, YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR PLEASURE.

Best Regards
Amara family team

I kadek sudana putra
Iyoman Suyadnya